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Dream, Believe... Transforming Lives Counseling offers a cognitive, behavioral approach to mental health counseling for families, couples and individuals who are dealing with difficult issues such as depression, addiction, marriage issues or other issues that inhibit them from accomplishing their dreams. We believe those who understand their worth can dream, believe and become productive healthy people who feel successful.   

Part of the counseling fee will be used to help people meet basic needs locally and around the world. Each person transformed in counseling will have a part in helping transform lives around the world. We are turning pain into purpose!

Dream, Believe... Transforming Lives Corporation has been granted federal tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) status. Donations can be made on the donation page to help those who need counseling who cannot afford it. We believe everyone deserves a chance to heal, believe in their worth and see their dreams realized.  

Donations received for those who cannot afford will help battered women, single women going single parents, children of parents with low income, men who have had job loss as well as any other circumstance that contributes to a person not being able to  

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