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Mental Health Counselor
Mrs. Susan Amato is a licensed Mental
Health Counselor who has an M.S. degree in counseling from Loyola University in Columbia, Maryland. Susan holds a mental health counseling license in Maryland, Michigan and Florida and has been practicing since January of 2005. 

Susan began her counseling career in the local general hospital in Columbia, doing mostly trauma work.  From there she began a private practice where she found one of her passions: marriage counseling.  Susan offers a unique style of mental health counseling regarding the dynamics of couples. She believes one of the main things hindering a couple from having a great relationship is the negative cycle that goes 'round and round' between them.  She calls this "The Carousel Ride." Carousels go 'round and around', up and down and in circles.  Susan helps each couple put their cycle on paper and then shows the couple the way to move out of the cycle into forward motion by learning an effective style of communication. Susan was supervising 21 counselors before she left the Maryland area. 

Moving to Michigan, Susan worked in a community-counseling center where she was dealing mostly with depression and addiction issues.  This is where her heart grew for families suffering with addiction. Susan offers a 2-year war plan that will be set up on how to handle the war with the brain, the war with the thoughts as well as setting up step-by-step goals for accomplishing their dreams.

Susan has clinical and residential experience in treatment centers facilitating the following type of groups: addiction and the brain, codependency, child hood scripts, marriage and family recovery, communication, the twelve steps and the power of belief/ how to manage anger, anxiety and depression, cognitive behavioral tools and spirituality. She desires to help people after they have gone to rehab to put their marriages and families back together.

As Susan went through her own difficulties, Michigan is where she grew a heart for those struggling financially caring for those in less fortunate circumstances.  This is where her desire grew to have a non-profit where she could help those in need. She desires to empower all people through their difficult circumstances.  

Her main passion is to offer hope by helping people see their worth and to dream and believe in what they are meant to be. She believes hope comes through the transformation of the mind.  She always adds, "As soon as their minds are transformed, they naturally head toward their destiny. It is the joy of my life to watch. It is my destiny to show them they have one."